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Keep up to date with some of the events and artists i'll be shooting, projects i'll be working on and the sick music and films i'm enjoying!

A Film I Love - Dunkirk

I’m going to jump straight into it. I absolutely loved Dunkirk, my initial reaction after the film was that this was a masterpiece. Chris Nolan already sets the highest standards and, if possible, this has elevated those standards even further. In Interstellar, Nolan drew strong inspiration and comparisons to Stanley Kubrick (in particular 2001: A Space Odyssey), and in Dunkirk, I believe Nolan is close to putting himself on the same level as the legendary director, achieving a fully cinematic experience that I for one haven’t experienced before.

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A Film I Love - 'Baby Driver'

Yesterday I managed to get to the cinema to watch Edgar Wright's latest film 'Baby Driver', and having read great reviews online I had high expectations. I was confident though, that I was in safe hands and wouldn't be let down, firstly because my man Edgar is obviously a brilliant filmmaker who hasn't let us down before, and secondly because I generally end up agreeing with many critics anyway.

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Some Music I Love - 'Peripheral Vision'

I was hoping to start posting about some music and films that I love/have been discovering  a lot sooner, but I've been really busy working on a number of things, some of which you will see very soon! But i'm going to try do this a bit more often.

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